You can link your Twitter account to your blog. There’s now a  handy setting on the Post edit page so that when you publish or update a blog post you can click Publicize and send it out to Twitter with a custom message.  Much more useful than the previous feature which just auto-tweeted. (You can publicize to Facebook too.)

Something to remember is that if you have more than one blog, or have more than one author on your blog, each connection between a blog-author and a Twitter account can be and has to be set separately.

For example, if you have several contributors to your blog (YourBlog), to be sure that every post is tweeted, each of your contributors should individually link their account to the YourBlog Twitter account for their YourBlog posts.  They can use other Twitter accounts for other blogs on the same account.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Dashboard > My blogs
  3. Click in the Twitter box under Publicize on the right line for the relevant blog (there will be a separate line for each blog they have access to)
  4. A message appears with “To enable Publicize: Twitter, you will need to authorize your account on YourBlog to connect with your Twitter account.”
  5. Click “Authorize connection with Twitter”
  6. This takes you to Twitter where you can click Allow (You can sign out if you’re in the wrong account)
  7. Click “Allow”
    You are redirected back to
  8. Now, whenever you publish a post you get the chance to Publicize it
  9. When creating/editing a post, in the top right, just above Update/Publish click Publicize: edit
  10. Click the box next to Twitter, edit the custome message if you wish and when you Publish or Update, the message is sent to Twitter (A shortened URL is added automatically)

There’s more information on this at